Want to make your home’s interior design look premium and gorgeous? Marble tile, flooring, and countertops are the perfect solution! Though marble may often be a bit more expensive than other materials like ceramic and wood, there are some distinct advantages of getting home features made of marble.

In today’s blog, we will be focusing exclusively on the benefits of getting marble countertops. While it is not as widely used as granite, this natural stone has a lot to offer homeowners. To get marble countertops installed in your home, reach out to Tile Outlet, Etc. in Rogers for a free estimate. We have been supplying customers all around the region with home improvement products and supplies, and meeting their installation and design consultation needs since 2000. We also now offer one-on-one online video consultations with one of our designers, who will show you your options. You will be able to look through our showroom online and see all the different options we have in stock. With the help of our experienced consultants, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Schedule your consultation with Tile Outlet, Etc. today!

Benefits of Marble Countertops

People shopping for new countertops have a variety of priorities. Marble countertops commonly are at the top of the list of materials for people who are looking for luxury, durability, and beauty. These are some of the main benefits of marble countertops. Even though marble may require more maintenance than materials like granite, marble has some distinct advantages:

#1: Durable

Marble has been used as a building material for centuries. Some of the oldest, most prestigious buildings still standing today are made of marble. This metamorphic rock is fully capable of handling almost all wear and tear that comes with using your countertops. Compared to other types of natural stone, marble may require more regular cleaning and care, but it is also one of the most naturally scratch- and crack-resistant materials around.

#2: Easy to Cut and Shape

The fact that marble is easy to shape and cut may not seem to benefit you at face value, but it means a few things for you. First, it means you will be able to get custom carving work done on the edges with less risk of it getting chipped or damaged. This is one of the main reasons people who want intricate designs often go with marble as their material of choice. Second, the ease of adding design profiles like bullnose, straight, demi-bullnose, stair thread, or waterfall edges means that it is less expensive than implementing these design elements in other, more difficult-to-work materials.

#3: Stays Cool

Marble countertops are often chosen by people who bake a lot, due to their physical characteristic of remaining cool in most conditions. Professional chefs and bakers often choose marble for their countertops, as it makes an ideal surface for working with dough, chocolate, and even ice cream! Many bakers prefer marble to other natural stone because of this factor.

#4: Affordable

Many people incorrectly assume that marble is one of the least affordable options of countertops out there. However, this is not true. In fact, one of the most popular types of marble, Carrera, is less expensive than many types of granite. Even the more rare, expensive types of granite are still less expensive than your standard quartz countertops. Of course, marble costs more than your basic, entry-level countertop, so if you’re looking for the absolute most affordable material and don’t care so much about the other factors, marble might not be the right material for you.

#5: Timelessly Elegant

Last but not least, marble’s unique beauty is undoubtedly one of the most appealing reasons for using it for your countertops. The color and grain of marble is totally unique and not found in any other type of natural stone. What separates marble from other natural stones is its timeless, luxurious, and elegant appearance. It comes off as unassuming, clean, and sophisticated. If you want a countertop that will make a lasting impression on your guests and make you pleased every time you see it, choose the unmatched beauty of marble for your countertops.

Get Marble Countertops in Rogers

At Tile Outlet, Etc., we carry a wide selection of marble slabs of all different sizes, colors, and styles. Our marble comes from all over the world. Check out our showroom today! If you would prefer to visit our showroom from the comfort and security of your own home, we now offer virtual consultations. With more than 20 years experience serving our local community here in Rogers, we are confident we will be able to find you the perfect marble countertops for your specific needs, style, and budget.

Whether you are remodeling your own home or you are a new home builder, we would be happy to work with you to achieve your desired aesthetic. Tile Outlet, Etc. takes pride in serving both retail customers, such as homeowners and renters, and professional customers, such as builders, contractors, and repairmen, for all their home improvement, supplies, and general support needs. Our experienced team of home improvement professionals are committed to providing guidance, inspiration, and even hands-on building assistance all around our local community. Ready to get your new marble countertops installed? Call now!

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